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At Kalpana Systems, we want to spark the imagination of all inventors that help the transition to a new era of energy use. Solutions that are boundless in their value and prudent with natural resources. Imagine all the possibilities if we could use resources with the precision of a single atom. 

Inspired by the helical design found in nature, our thin film machine provides an elegant solution to break from industry standards. With our technological ingenuity, we make spatial atomic layer deposition industrially achievable, free from restrictions. Together, we make imagination a reality. 

Meet the team

Diederick Spee

Chief Executive Officer
Kees Boshuijer, Kalpana Systems, lachend.

Kees Boshuijer

Chief Operational Officer
Sander ten Kate, Kalpana Systems, man lachend

Sander ten Kate

Chief Commercial Officer

Corné Kant

Lead System Architect

Leon Arkesteijn

Development manager

Sandra Wiegman

Lead Business Development

Madhi Rahimzadeh

Team Lead Mechanical Engineering
Arash Shahahbi Gh

Arash Shahahbi Gh

Sr. Mechanical Engineer

Mattias van den Berg

Mechanical and Software Engineer
Amr Ghazy, Kalpana Systems,

Amr Ghazy

Process engineer

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Making disruptive ideas successful requires determination and trust. We are committed to providing a solid space for professionals of diverse skills and talents to get the job done. When you are one of us, you can rely on the team to boost your professional growth. At Kalpana Systems, we stick with each other until we make our ambition happen – and beyond. 

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