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Spatial ALD for industries demanding perfect layers at low cost and high speed.​

Spatial ALD made commercially viable

In comparison to conventional thin film deposition technologies, Atomic Layer Deposition has a lot of benefits. Think of perfect layers without defects or pinholes and with the highest level of control over layer composition at low temperatures. The self-limiting nature of the ALD process results in high uniform and conformal layers, even on complex 3D-structures. However, uptime or costs prevented this elegant deposition technology to be adopted by industry. High throughput production suitable for commercial applications was not available in the market yet – up till now.


Kalpana Systems' thin film machine using spatial ALD Kalpana Systems' thin film machine using spatial ALD

Our technology to make spatial ALD happen

Kalpana Systems’ patented web handling method makes it the first industrially viable roll-to-roll spatial ALD machine. The basic concept is that the web is wrapped around a central drum and transported through the machine as a helix. It is exposed to the different precursor gasses via a rotating deposition head, enabling the deposition of complex multi-layers. By using the third dimension Kalpana improved the uptime and costs significantly, creating an affordable solution that is able to run continuously.  Spatial ALD is no longer a promise, but a commercially viable practice. 

Our superspatial ALD enables the production of thin film layers at a high throughput, preserving the benefits of perfect layers, no defects or pinholes and the highest level of control. Superspatial ALD speeds up the current ALD process 1000x or more. Can you imagine what possibilities that offers your business? 



rows-of-solar-panels rows-of-solar-panels

Sustainable and durable

Superspatial ALD does not use a vacuum, nor does it require high temperatures. The high precursor utilization and low gas consumption makes it significantly more energy efficient compared to other thin film coating methods such as PVD, thermal CVD or PECVD.

Flexible application

Superspatial ALD is available for a wide range of web materials, at variable web widths. Our feeder and drawer modules are designed to be able to handle a broad range of materials and foil width in one machine. Deposition of complex multi-layers opens up all kind of possibilities. We can already think of flexible solar PV panels and OLED screens, or affordable fast-charging batteries. We are curious how superspatial ALD triggers your imagination 

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