Superspatial ALD is finally here!

Spatial ALD for industries demanding perfect layers at low cost and high speed.​

How does it work

We did not re-invent spatial Atomic Layer Deposition. Kalpana’s breakthrough innovation is our revolutionary web handling which offers two major advantages over all currently available alternatives.

First, our deposition head does not have to perform any web handling tasks. It’s design, therefore, is uncompromised and dedicated for sALD.

Second, our web handling enables a true in-line sALD process without the need of switching gas flows off and on.

How is it made

We use various tailormade high precision components, but keep everything as simple as possible. All that can be left out, we leave out. Our machines only have a few moving parts, making them very robust and durable. We strive to optimize our equipment continuously.

Also when installed in the field, our equipment is easy to adjust. Upgrading or adding modules is straight forward. Whether  you decide to change your process, add a layer to your stack or want a protective coating, this is all possible on our systems.

How to work with us

Everything starts with a good conversation….what do you need? What can we do for you? Need a sample? We are happy to coat a roll according to your specifications!

Although our equipment is standard for a large part, we can adjust our deposition head  according to your need. Combinations of precursors, stacks of several material. We will provide a tailormade solution! We understand that purchasing an expensive piece of equipment may not be feasible for all situations. For small quantities of coated material (~<3000 m2), we can use our research equipment to produce it for you!

Request a sample
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Superspatial. Super sustainable

At Kalpana we have a strong affinity with renewable energy applications and the reduction of energy use in any possible way.

Not only are our main target markets in the renewable energy domain.

We design our production method to be extremely energy efficient itself. Our superspatial ALD technology does not use a vacuum, does not use high temperatures and is therefore energy efficient compared to other thin film coating methods such as PVD, thermal CVD or PECVD.

Additionally our systems have a high precursor utilization and low gas consumption in general.

Use Kalpana’s technology to decrease the price and life cycle energy consumption of your product!