High-volume Spatial ALD is finally here

Kalpana Systems is the first to make ALD available for high-volume roll-to-roll manufacturing


The world’s first high-volume S-ALD solution

Kalpana Systems is proud to announce an S-ALD technology with a throughput and up-time superior to all currently available alternatives. Among thin-film coating technologies, Atomic Layer Deposition is the one that delivers superior coating conformality, density and stoichiometry while the product remains at atmospheric pressure and low temperature. A broad range of products can be coated with a variety of materials. Kalpana Systems utilises its superspatial precursor separation technology in a new solution which outperforms all competition in throughput as well as uptime. High-volume roll-to-roll ALD is now available to improve manufacturing in many industries.


There are no alternatives for high-volume ALD

Inline S-ALD

Incorporate S-ALD in your existing production line


Low contamination and easy maintenance results in high uptime and low TCOO

Variable width

From 300 mm up to 3000 mm


About Kalpana Systems

Kalpana Systems builds on more than 20 years of experience in S-ALD process and equipment development.  

Kalpana Systems is committed to enable and improve high-volume manufacturing by delivering Roll-to-Roll S-ALD equipment that meets its customers throughput, uptime, and cost requirements.

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