Atomic Layer Deposition with infinite possibilities

Improve your production efficiency with spatial ALD with unrivaled throughput and up-time.

Contactless coating
Unrivaled up-time
Various web widths

Our Superspatial technology

Kalpana Systems is proud to announce an sALD technology with a throughput and up-time superior to all currently available alternatives. Among thin-film coating technologies, Atomic Layer Deposition is the one that delivers superior coating conformality, density and stoichiometry while the product remains at atmospheric pressure and low temperature. A broad range of products can be coated with a variety of materials. Kalpana Systems utilizes its Superspatial precursor separation technology in a new solution which outperforms all competition in throughput as well as uptime. High-volume roll-to-roll ALD is now available to improve manufacturing in many industries.

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One machine, various web widths

Our feeder and drawer modules are designed to be able to handle a broad range of materials and foil width in one machine.

Contactless coating

Our machine design ensures the coating side of the substrate remains undamaged enabling the deposition of the most delicate layers.

High up-time, compatible with industry standards

Continuous accurate control of web position and process ensures perfect precursor separation and prevents contamination.


Thin film PV



About Kalpana Systems

Kalpana Systems builds on more than 20 years of experience in sALD process and equipment development.  

Kalpana Systems is committed to enable and improve high-volume manufacturing by delivering Roll-to-Roll sALD equipment that meets its customers throughput, uptime, and cost requirements.

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Our partners

Latest news

Collaboration for research on production of next gen Lithium-Ion batteries with sALD technology granted

The province of South Holland granted Kalpana Systems and HyET Lithium the MIT:R&D collaboration subsidy for their project 'Next generation battery production'.

National Growth Fund proposal granted

The National Growth Fund granted around €800 million to the proposal by the Battery Competence Cluster-NL, a collaboration which Kalpana Systems is part of.

Erasmus University – Next Frontier award

Price awarded by former prime-minister Jan Peter Balkenende.

Revolution for batteries and solar cells

Kalpana receives an investment of €550,000 from proof-of-concept fund UNIIQ and a small group of private investors.