Thin film deposition with the precision of a single atom

Spatial ALD is finally here.

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Welcome to the new standard for industrial scale thin films. High speed thin film production at a reduced cost enables new technologies to move from promise to commercial application. Imagine solid state batteries, environmentally friendly packaging, perovskite solar cells and many more. 

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atoms in a 3d construction atoms in a 3d construction

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Kalpana Systems is the leading equipment manufacturer for thin films on flexible substrates. We invented a way to make high-throughput Atomic Layer Deposition industrially viable, offering you infinite possibilities for the deposition of thin films. 

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Solar PV



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Are you interested to explore the advantages thin films applied by superspatial ALD can bring for your products? Find out what thin films of the future look like and request a sample to your specifications.

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Collaboration for research on production of next gen Lithium-Ion batteries with sALD technology granted

The province of South Holland granted Kalpana Systems and HyET Lithium the MIT:R&D collaboration subsidy for their project 'Next generation battery production'.

National Growth Fund proposal granted

The National Growth Fund granted around €800 million to the proposal by the Battery Competence Cluster-NL, a collaboration which Kalpana Systems is part of.

Erasmus University – Next Frontier award

Price awarded by former prime-minister Jan Peter Balkenende.

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