Junior Business Developer

Grow with our commercial team.

About the role

As Jr. Business Developer at Kalpana Systems, you will be the first hire in our commercial team and will be playing a vital role in moving our company from the prototype- to the commercial phase.  In this role you will be reporting to our CCO and you will be assisting in all processes related to defining and managing our initial target markets and launching customers.


  • Setting up and managing customer relationships
  • Managing and maintaining sales funnel
  • Lead generation and monitoring
  • Providing support to (potential) customers
  • Conducting market research to identify potential new applications for spatial ALD technology
  • Attending industry conferences and events to network and promote our technology


  • Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in Business and/or Engineering
  • Minimum of 2 years of experience in business development or sales, preferably in the semiconductor, energy, equipment manufacturing or medical device industries
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills
  • Ability to work independently and manage multiple projects simultaneously
  • Willingness to travel up to 50% of the time
  • Technical background and understanding of thin film deposition technology and its applications are a plus

What we offer

  • Involved in a company with exciting potential from the early stages
  • Responsible role with ownership
  • Competitive salary
  • 25 days off (holiday)
  • Re-imbursement of travel costs
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About Kalpana Systems

Kalpana Systems is a high-tech startup that was founded in Rotterdam in March 2021. Kalpana has a unique design for a machine that uses the spatial Atomic Layer Deposition (s-ALD) technology. ALD is the superior method for the deposition of thin film coatings where a perfect layer quality is required. Currently the main issue is that all available s-ALD machines have major drawbacks, mainly related to speed and uptime. Our design will drastically change this. Kalpana is on a mission to produce the first commercially feasible roll-to-roll s-ALD solution to be used in a variety of industries, helping these industries advance to the next level. These industries include rapidly growing sustainable markets such as (flexible) solar cells and Li-ion batteries for electric vehicles.