Collaboration for research on production of next gen Lithium-Ion batteries with sALD technology granted

The Dutch province of South Holland granted Kalpana Systems and HyET Lithium the MIT:R&D collaboration subsidy of 350.000 euros for their project ‘Next generation battery production`. The proposal ranked 1st of all proposals submitted in the province. The goal of the project is to investigate the possibilities of Kalpana’s roll-to-roll spatial ALD technology on the innovative batteries developed by HyET. Significant improvement in the performance, footprint, and lifetime of Lithium-Ion batteries is expected. This grant is a big step towards the commercialization of our innovative technologies in the battery industry.  

Lithium-Ion batteries are widely used, e.g. in electric vehicles (EV). Using our technologies to improve their performance, footprint, and lifetime, as well as cutting production time and costs, will open a world of new possibilities for all manufacturers of Li-ion batteries. For the EV market this means wider availability thanks to reduced costs, faster charging, and extra long-range vehicles.     

Industrial scale production with sALD 

In the ‘Next Generation battery production’ project, Kalpana Systems and HyET Lithium will do extensive research into the coating of HyET’s silicon anodes with Kalpana’s high-volume roll-to-roll spatial ALD hardware. There is great compatibility as both companies are using roll-to-roll technology. We are striving to have a solution which is ‘ready for market’ at the end of this project. 

Diederick Spee, CEO of Kalpana Systems: “The subsidy of the province of South Holland allows us to significantly speed-up the research of the possibilities of our roll-to-roll spatial ALD technology in the battery industry. We are delighted to be working together with HyET Lithium and their promising battery technology.”   

Number 1 grant proposal 

The project contributes to the strategic goals ‘Energy and Sustainability’ and ‘Key Technologies’ of the national ‘Kennis en Innovatie Agenda’ (Knowledge and Innovation Agenda). More specifically, it puts South-Holland on the map when it comes to next generation batteries and key technologies like ALD and thin film coatings. It is both for its societal impact and its groundbreaking technology that the project was the highest-ranking proposal in the province of South Holland.   

The project will start this January and will run for 24 months.   

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