National Growth Fund proposal granted

The Dutch National Growth Fund granted around €800 million to the proposal ‘Material Independence & Circular Batteries’ by the Battery Competence Cluster – NL, a collaboration of over 60 companies and knowledge institutions of which Kalpana Systems is part of.

all partners of battery competentence cluster NL in a diagram.
The Batteries Competence Cluster’s partners

The proposal aims to make the Netherlands less dependent on scarce and critical raw materials for batteries and to capitalize on opportunities in the battery industry. It focuses on sustainable and circular batteries, which are important for the Dutch heavy-duty mobility sector and for improving the electricity grid in the Netherlands. The grant is a big deal for the independence of Dutch industries and a huge opportunity to capitalize on all the knowhow that we treasure in the Netherlands. 

This grant will enable Kalpana Systems to prove the advantages of spatial atomic layer deposition for batteries on a commercial scale and will be a big step in making this promising technology commercially feasible for the battery industry.  

More information on the program and the Battery Competence Cluster NL can be found on their website.

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