Flexible ultra-barriers are organic/inorganic stacks to prevent moisture from penetrating through pinholes in the inorganic layers. They require many process steps and are expensive. sALD layers are thin and without defects (pinholes). Many layers can be made in one process making it the ideal method for depositing a multilayer barrier coating fast, thin, and cheap but until now sALD has been a slow and costly process. Kalpana’s Superspatial systems can perform sALD much faster and cheaper than currently available alternatives, enabling this technology for manufacturers demanding perfect, pinhole-free layers at low cost.

Other applications

Thin film PV

Our Superspatial ALD systems can produce high quality barriers for thin film PV at a much lower price point than the currently available ‘ready...


Superior thickness control and high conformality make sALD the only feasible method to coat porous battery electrodes. Such coatings can suppress unstable SEI formation...